Rape or Molestation in your sleep?

topic posted Sun, December 5, 2004 - 6:12 PM by  Big Daddy
Have you or someone you know ever been raped,sexually molested or had your private areas tampered with in your sleep by something or someone you could not see or explain.Has anything like this no matter how small or large the incident ever happened to you.Maybe you were awakened by the feeling that someone was touching you or doing things to you against your will.It might have been unpleasent and painful or sensual and strangely enjoyable.Whatever the sensation, has this happened to you?
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Big Daddy
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    Re: Rape or Molestation in your sleep?

    Thu, June 16, 2005 - 1:17 PM
    I think Ill keep that to myself, lol
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      Mon, June 20, 2005 - 8:15 AM
      I've never been raped but molested indeed....I have to admit it was quite pleasurable..hehe.
      Sexual experiences in my sleep have always been very exciting, I have to admit. This one time I was dreaming about a meeting a girl and making out with her, it was sooo exciting! But somehow everything began to turn around and the experience became very frightning; i wanted to wake up but I could not do it. The dream begin to be very vivid... and the girl turned to b a vinpire....U judge!
      Vampires are known to b very sexual!
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    Thu, April 5, 2007 - 10:59 AM
    yup. And I liked it.
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      Sun, April 8, 2007 - 8:35 PM
      At the risk of sounding a little morbid and perverted lol.....I don't suppose you would like to elaborate on this statement for us would you Alchemy. I'm certain I'm not the only curious one here????It's not at all that I don't believe you...I just would like to know if you are serious or just kidding around?
      • liz
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        Re: Rape or Molestation in your sleep?

        Sat, January 1, 2011 - 8:16 PM
        My bf believes in paranormal and we started talking about the unexplained. He told me about a movie called the entity. I told shared with him that id had a similar experiance. What would usually be a normal sleep was dramaticly interupted. I woke up, or became conscious. I could not open my eyes. I tried to scream but all i could get out were small shreeks. It felt like someone was trying to rape me grabbing and tugging on me. As i struggled to wake up i started to feel my body move, some what like a fish out of water. 2day i googled it and its happen to quite a few people. Scientist call it sleep paralysis but I THINK NOT!!!

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